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FLIP Adventure Bed

A high quality lightweight camping solution for compact vans, ready for any kind of adventure.

Available for more than 40 car models!

Storage Mode

FLIP Adventure Bed doesn’t require any puzzle assembly – just place it in the car and go. It can stay in your car the whole time if you want – no need to take it out every time, even if it takes less than a minute!

Plenty of storage space under and over it.

Rear seats remain fully functional with most car models.

Bed Mode

Setup your bed in a matter of seconds – no complicated work needed.

Just fold the seats, pull out the bed rails and readjust the cushions.

Ready to rock!

Not just a bed.

FLIP Adventure Bed is flexible like your lifestyle!

Extractable Bed System

Extractable bed mechanism made of anodized lightweight but strong aluminum profiles and crossing reinforcements for maximal strength.

Plenty of storage space for all your adventure gear under the bed (the rear seats can be taken out of the vehicle to gain more space), in other storage spaces of the car or our optional window bags.

Full Size Bed

We develop FLIP Adventure Bed separately for every single car model – we adjust it for maximum width & length of your car, achieving a bed size of up to 200×160 cm.

Everything fits snugly with no rattling or noises during driving. Safe transport.

Comfortable Matress​

Cushions made of premium breatheable foam with durable covers and embedded wooden panels for perfect stability. 

Bed is made of separate cushions that are easy to store and move around the car. 

Fill FLIP Adventure Bed with some practical carefully-selected or custom made accessories.
Perfect the FLIP experience!

The idea is always the same - we take a lot of time to develop FLIP for every individual car size and model.
This way, we achieve a perfect fit and maximal space utilization.

We offer it for over 50 compatible car models!