FLIP Camping Box

Transform your everyday car to a fully-featured camper van in only 5 minutes!

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It is still a car.

  • No additional insurance, registration or maintenance
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Drive and park anywhere without limits

Quick and practical.

  • Separate boxes take minimal space in the garage and can be installed in the car by a single person in 5 minutes!
  • All seats are free during traveling
  • No need to take it out, it can wait in your car for your next adventure

Comfortable adventure.

  • Stop anywhere. Anytime.
  • Forget packing and unpacking. All the necessities are already with you, neatly organized.

FLIP becomes a part of your car.

100% integration is one of the main advantages of FLIP Camping Box.
We take time to develop it separately for each specific car model!

This way, we ensure maximum space utilisation.
With a perfect fit, the box is safe and silent in your car.

It may also just flip your life around a little bit.

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