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FLIP Camping Box

A fully featured camping box with everything you need for comfortable camping.

Available for more than 40 car models!

In the Box

Included essential FLIP Camping Box ingredients.

2 Separate Boxes

2 separate self-contained furniture FLIP boxes with handles and a strong sliding shutter, that doesn’t rattle during driving. 

It can be easily moved in and out of the vehicle by a single person. No assembly needed – just place it in the car and go!

The space between the boxes is perfectly calculated for the optional Dometic coolboxes or for your personal luggage.

Large Drawers

Large strong drawers on rails with customizable and removable sections for all your kitchen utensils and food. 

The drawers are removable to make it easy to pack up and carry the box around.

You can store the rest of your gear under the bed or in our optional window bags.

Extractable Full Sized Bed

We develop FLIP separately for every individual car model which allows us to utilize the whole width of the vehicle for your maximum comfort!

The extractable bed mechanism is made of anodized, lightweight but very strong aluminum profiles and crossing reinforcements for extra strength. 

It usually allows you to keep all the seats in the car usable during driving if you wish or fold them / remove them for extra storage space. 

Comfortable Cushions

The cushions are made of premium breatheable foam with durable covers and embedded wooden panels for perfect stability.

The bed is made of separate cushions that are easy to store and move around the car. 

Custom fitted high quality bed sheets available as an option.

Stainless Sink & Tap

A water tap matched to a deep stainless steel sink with a flexible drain hose.

The integrated pump for running water connects to your car’s 12v socket and only uses minimal power, so you never have to worry about running out of battery.

Fresh & Waste Running Water

Large 12 – 19 litre containers for fresh and waste water with a submersible electrical water pump.

Waste water container can be taken out and placed under the car so you can leave your camping spot clean.


Portable Gas Stove

Brunner portable gas stove with a safety valve that runs on standard A4 gas cartridges.
A big and strong flame allows you to easily prepare proper meals.

Cutlery Tray

A nice slide out cutlery tray for all your kitchen utensils – we will even include the colorful straws if you ask nicely :)​

Optional Extras

Depending on your requirements, you can choose to fill the middle space between the boxes with a cooling box or a large drawer and upgrade the gas stove on bigger car models. Perfect the FLIP experience!

Dometic Coolbox or Compressor Fridge

Thermo-electric Dometic TCX coolbox offers a great price-performance ratio. Refrigerates down to 27 °C below ambient temperature and heats up to +65 °C. It operates on 12V and 220V.

Compressor Dometic CDF or CFX cooling box (currently only available upon request) keep your food and drinks ice cold, refrigerating and deep-freezing to -15 °C with minimum energy consuption.

FLIP Sliding Platform for Dometic Coolbox

** Available with bigger car models.

A large custom fitted sliding platform for the Dometic Coolbox that allows you to pull it out and access the food easier.

An integrated extendable shelf offers extra working space.

Brunner Double Gas Stove

** Available with bigger car models.

Instead of the standard single stove, you can get a high quality Brunner 2-flame cartridge gas stove on a custom platform.

It allows you to cook with 2 pots simultaneously and prepare the meals even faster.

A cast-aluminum grill plate is included.

Check out more compatible accessories for comfortable camping including a power bank, portable shower and much more.

Purpose is the same, but we take a lot of time to develop FLIP Camping Box for every individual car size and model. Main features remain but you can find some special adjustments on every model.

We offer FLIP for over 50 compatible car models!