What's in the Box?

two separate furniture boxes

with a sliding shutter, designed to be easily carried and stored 

extractable bed​

mechanism made of anodized lightweight but strong aluminum profiles and crosses for extra strength

fresh & waste water

containers with an economical 12V submersible pump, water tap and a stainless steel sink with a flexible drain hose

large drawers​

with removable sections for kitchen utensils and food

portable cooler​

optional quality Dometic TCX or compressor CDF cooling box keeps your food and drinks ice cold (operates on 12V and 220V) on optional tray

cutlery tray

we will include colorful straws if you ask nicely :)​

portable gas stove​

single or optional double stove with a safety valve in case of strong wind (standard A4 gas cartridges)

comfortable cushions

made of premium breatheable foam with durable covers and embedded wooden panels for perfect stability

FLIP accessories

pair your FLIP with premium custom hand made cotton sheets or a wooden cutting board that fits in the sink

FLIP Camping Box is available for more than 60 different car models!