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No matter what you choose for your needs, FLIP Camping Box or FLIP Adventure Bed, there are many distinct features and advantages that set us apart from the competition.

Biggest Bed Possible

Your comfort is our main priority!

We have developed FLIP for each and every car separately, making it possible to have a bed across the whole width (up to 160 cm) and lenght of the car. The cushions with optional cushion covers follow the shape of the entire space.

Custom for Every Car

Bed is not the only thing being developed and fitted for every single car model individually.

While the basic concept is always the same, the FLIP size and all the small details are also specific for each model, maximizing the use of space!

Easy & Lightweight

FLIP Camping Box and FLIP Adventure Bed were both designed to be lightweight and specifically easy to install or move around. No complicated assembly needed!

Separate cushions and optional cushion covers were designed to make the whole bed making process a breeze!

Safe and Secure​

FLIP is designed to be fitted behind the rear seats and fits tightly between the two sides of the car boot and does not move while driving. It is however recommended to strap it to car’s anchoring points for extra safety.

No special permission or approval is needed for legal use in Europe.

Quality Materials​

We only use the best materials in our products, from wood, aluminium parts, electronics to cushions, glues and tools. 

We only work with trusted suppliers from Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Hand Made in Slovenia​

All FLIP products are proudly designed and made in Slovenia by skilled craftsmen.

We are a small family-owned business with over 25 years of experience with building custom camper vans.

Availability & Delivery

Even in this challening times, we manage to keep the FLIP building time under 3-5 weeks.

We ship with the realiable and fast shipping partner DB Schenker. You can also choose to pick it up personally!

Customer Service​

We are aware of the importance of a friendly customer service and personal approach. We try really hard to make each and every customer happy. 

From any potential questions or custom wishes to the ordering process, delivery or any warranty issues, we always try to find a quick and friendly solution.

Fully featured camping box with everything included: a full kitchen with drawers for storage, a comfortable bed and much more!

Same awesome FLIP concept, just without the kitchen. Same comfortable extendable bed with lots of spare space for all your gear.