Why is camping box a good idea?

Because romantic camping is great, but nature and our mood (or laziness) do not always cooperate.

I’ll be realistic here – camping box is not for everyone. For ‘hotel only’ people for sure not. And ‘I had a huge motorhome’ people also not. I call camping box a luxurious tent 🙂 It is very similar to camping with a tent, only in some ways a lot better:

– When you arrive to a camping spot, cranky after hours of driving, you do not need to put up a tent, your bed is already in your car! Just roll to the back of your car and snooze! Oh, sorry, first unfold a bed. Now you can snooze! This comes in handy also when travelling longer distances and you need to just stop and sleep a while to be able to continue with your journey.

– Ever tried putting up a tent in the RAIN? Your bed in a car is dry and already waiting!

– Usually it goes like this: You arrive to a camping spot after a long journey. Your stuff is so neatly packed in your car’s trunk. A tent at the very bottom, than your sports gear, your clothes and on top some food and nicknacks you decided to pack at the very last minute. You start pulling a tent out of the trunk. You realise it is better you unpack first some of the luggage topped on the tent. Soon you have a nice display of all your holiday belongings all around your car. And NOW you can start building your cute little temporary home. Now imagine this: You arrive to a camping spot after a long journey. Your stuff is so neatly packed in your camping box. You need to unfold the bed, cook a nice spaghetti dish and pour a glass of white wine? Straight out of the fridge with the right temperature of course and from decent wine glasses, that were stored in for them designated place inside the campingbox. Ahhhhh!

– Well, let’s be honest. It is also great to have a camper van. There is even more space, even more comfort and even a bigger comfy bed. But so is an additional cost of buying, maintaining and parking this van. Paying registration and insurance. So why not use your everyday car, put a camping box in it and pretend you have a camper van. Or at least a glamorous tent 🙂 Low costs, high value.

I am sure everyone has his own reasons of why choosing a camping box, I listed the ones I experienced on my own or our customers shared with us.


P.S.: Tell me about your experiences with tents and the times you wished you would rather be in a dry and comfy bed! I know, I know, tenting can be super fun and super romantic, I love it too! But there are times I am super happy we have a comfy bed in a car (probably I wrote super too many times 🙂 ).

P.P.S.: I love quotes so I’ll share an inspirational one with you: “Ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” I know I am corny but I had to do it 🙂 🙂