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Our Workshop

Sipras trgovina d.o.o.
Šutna 37
1241 Kamnik

Working time
Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 16:00

Visit is only possible by appointment!

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Meet the FLIP team!

Our history

Find out about the roots of FLIP Camping Box!
Did you know our story began in 1996?


CEO & Founder

Worked with her dad for more than a decade on developing customised top end campervans.
Always thought less is more, wanted to do it her own way, was good at listening to customers and their wishes: that’s how FLIP was invented somewhere along the way…

Multitasking was always the thing only women can do!
The only good coffee is hot coffee.


Product Development & Engineering

With FLIP Camping Box from the very beginning.
Transforming Irena’s ideas into life, never telling her that he changed some things. There is an inch of his soul in every FLIP he designs.
The list of FLIPs is just getting longer and longer. Still searching for the ultimate design.

Would rather live in ‘hippie’ times (60’s music is great!!)



Knows how to draw the line between the shop, office and the workshop. All the Xmas gifts for our customers are hand made by Ula.

The colors cannot be bright and colourful enough.


Marketing & Brand Manager

Trying to balance the big picture vision and obsessive detail perfectionism.


The Guard

Trying to scare away every customer that comes into the shop. Being told not to over 1 billion times.

Trying to become the first dog to be transformed into a Koala (sleeping all day).

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