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FLIP Adventure Bed

Renault Trafic (2014→)


  • Notice

    Short wheelbase models (L1): In order to use FLIP, you need to remove second and third rows of seats.
    Long wheelbase models (L2): Only the third row of seats needs to be removed, second row can stay.

  • Select your cushions:

    • 135 €

    Select your accessories:

    • 149 €
    • 49 €
    • 10 €
    • 635 €
    • 390 €
    • 49 €

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FLIP Adventure Bed for some of the car models are already in stock and ready to ship or pick up.

For all models not in stock, the delivery time can be up to 2-4 weeks.

We will notify you about the exact timeframe by email.


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Warranty & Support

3 year warranty
We guarantee a worry-free experience.

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