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from the best customers in the world

We rent leisure vehicles and FLIP is our latest acquisition.
Customers are very satisfied with everything it offers, as it is just very compact, but at the same time it offers everything that adventurers need.
We are especially pleased with the thoughtfulness of how it’s made; utilized space when setting up the bed, drain hose for water to be cleaned… We recommend it!

VanVoyage (rent a FLIP)

Flip Camping Box is the best possible technology for me as it provides extremely well used space that turns a small car into a camper with all the necessary equipment for a perfect vacation.
We and our customers are super happy with it.

Balkan Campers (rent a FLIP)

Given the fact that we are renting it for the third consecutive year and it’ still in great condition, there is nothing really more to say.
When you know it has been used for about 6 months a year by different users and yet everyone has been satisfied. You can hardly expect more than that.

Greg, Spicy Campers (rent a FLIP)

We are very pleased with our investment…
Here, as promised, we are sending a couple of pictures of FLIP. We tried it last weekend and we have to say we slept as well as at home. Thanks again for everything!

Teja, Luka & the dogs

Wir hatten ganz tolle Reiseerlebnisse mit unserem neuen Bus. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit Eurer Flip Box.
Das Foto zeigt einen Campingplatz – direkt am Meer in Südfrankreich – La Clape. 

Claudia & Martin W.

We have had some nice cycling trip in Slovenia (Bohinj and Piran) also in Italy in August. Enjoyed the FLIP installation and the bed, It was really comfortable to be free to go any direction without booking.
We realised that the seaside parking places for beaches usually empty nighttime so mostly we stopped and overnight there. Hope we can go farther next year.

Peter S.

We installed the FLIP camping box yesterday and everything fits perfectly! So far we are very satisfied with the box and the service.

We are looking forward to our first tour. Many Thanks!

Michael P.

We just received our Camping Box even a little early! The package arrived very well, perfectly packaged. The furniture is really good quality, with an irreproachable finish and we can’t wait to install them in our vehicle! We will send you pictures!

Thank you for the kindness and we wish all the best to FLIP Camping Box!


Hello Irena, … today I arrived in South Tyrol and have chosen a beautiful vantage point to spend the night. The mountains in the background, wonderful! 🙂
For the Flip, I use it a lot, it’s built into the car all the time, although I could take it out. During photo sessions in the evening it is a loyal companion where I warm up and find shelter in the rain and snow. What I can’t do in the Berlingo is turn the front seats, if that still existed it would be a great addition.
Thank you for the repair of the water pump last year and I wish you all a good time.

Gabriel C.

I planned 2015 with the preparations for my long-planned road trip from Austria to the Atlantic coast in France. As a fresh school graduate, my savings weren’t enough to buy a mobile home and I bought a used VW Touran. Sipras designed a perfectly adapted and individual interior for this car. The FLIP Camping Box fits perfectly and was explained to me on site and built into my mini camper. For three months I slept, cooked, lived and experienced adventures while traveling. The Flip Camping Box has done me great service and enabled me to have an incredible journey. The price-performance ratio is great and the service from Sipras is very competent and courteous. I can definitely recommend the Flip Camping  Boxes!

Nina T.

Good morning dear friends, we have a lot of fun with our kitchen block, which we could use very well in Spain. …
We haven’t regretted adding your FLIP kitchen to our Land Rover Discovery 2. It is always there on overland tours and meets all requirements.
This gives us more freedom, we can cook properly and eat well. I cook every day, no matter where we are …
We would like to thank you very much again for your efforts and wish you a good time.

Mag. Anna & Ing. Peter W.

Last week we went climbing for a few days on lake Garda and we were asked three times about the FLIP at the campsite.
I have changed a few things so that I can go camping with just one module and my new e-mbt bike …

Thomas Kolb

Although we are heavily affected by the pandemic in Norway as well, the fact that we invested in a FLIP have made our camping season a success, enabling us to transit ‘red’ areas without any contact with the communit we have been travelling through.
This year we have traveled twice to Finnmark, in the extreme north, almost 8000 km in total, and most of the time we have slept in our VW Caddy, thanks to the FLIP!

(Cooking near the Norwegian-Finnish-Russian border.)
North cape, 71 degrees north

Mvh Øyvind

Peter O.

Piotr T.

Season opening 🙂

Klemen B.

Excellent design and workmanship, tested.

Cveta & Iztok S.

Thanks for this wonderful traveling nest! 🙂

Barbara & Martin S.

Peter F.

Philip M.

Your products are genial, We have made a few conventions from scratch, but your system is unique for those who want an easy solution.

Johnny S.

Dear Irena,
we have already made a lot of trips and are very happy with our flip.

Birgit & Jos van den B.

Great camping solution and a really nice staff that makes them – they have heaps of useful advices and are really kind and helpful 🙂 Could not recommend them more!

Nina M.

Everything OK, I am very satisfied

Andreas K.

FLIP Camping Box is available for over 60 different car models.