LOVE nest

It does sound a bit like a fairytale, but let’s take a closer look. You have a little house on the wheels, travel with your partner, you can stop everywhere, can sleep almost everywhere and last but not least can make love anytime and everywhere. Let’s admit it. It is not entirely that simple.

The first question you need the answer for is, do you want others to notice? In most cases is, we believe, not really.  There are many options to make it almost impossible to see through the windows, especially when you add a bit of insulation or even a bag, so you can even pretend that you have done a little step towards soundproof van as well. But you have to be aware it is really little. At this point you can already guess what would be advice no. 1 and 2. We’ve prepared a little checklist for you:

  1. Get blackout screens, thermo-insulation or a bag to cover your windows.
  2. Whisper :-).
  3. If you don’t have a sticker “If this vans rockin’ don’t come knockin’ “and really don’t want other to notice, you will have to adjust your technique a little bit. Every van has a pretty sensitive shock absorbers so it will be moving almost for sure. Be gentle :-).
  4. If you are using a camping box in the van the space between the bed and the ceiling is on average around 70 cm. Keep it in mind, because wearing a helmet is not a very romantic thing to do.
  5. Park somewhere more private – so probably not on the street in a residential neighbourhood or in front of the school. If you are at the campground avoid the areas where people move the most. Toilets, bars, playgrounds…
  6. The best nights are rainy ones! The noise and rain itself makes people outside worry less about listening in on a random rocking van in the parking.

Considering all that, it will be for sure one of the most memorable experience of your trip and it could be just that extra little spice that your relationship needed. Have fun!