How it all started

Well, it started with a demand, of course and a hot coffee, 2 x of course. But let’s begin at the beginning 🙂

We started producing motorhomes in 1996.
By ‘we’ I mean my dad and by ‘producing’ I mean he made one motorhome for us. He is a perfectionist and non of the existing motorhomes in his price range would meet his quality demands. So he tinkered one for hobby. His childhood friend worked as a journalist and his main field were motorhomes, camping, caravans etc. so he suggested they should introduce our DIY motorhome to his readers. 

Soon after that my dad got an order! And then the next one and…eight years later we moved to a 1.000 sqm workshop.

We (meaning my dad, 2 or 3 other boys and myself) were making our customers wishes and dreams come true. Always producing on customers demand.

And some of our customers were eager campists and they loved to sleep in their cars (normal, everyday family cars). They would fold seats or even take them out and sleep on the floor. But a place for luggage was missing. That is when they would come to us and asked if we can do some sort of cabinets, boxes, drawers to store their stuff in and they would sleep on top. So we did it 🙂

First there were simple aluminium boxes with some sort of drawers, then we figured it should look a bit more advanced in gray colour, made of one sturdy box.

But soon we realised it is just to clumsy. And way too heavy. You need two people to carry it and to carefully put in a car. And even if they were extra careful they would make a scratch here and there on the car’s inner plastics… Not really good or to be really proud of.

And just as we were already thinking we should do something else, we came up together with one of our costumers with an idea, to do two separate boxes and a place for a fridge in between them. Voila! FLIP Camping Box as you know it today was born. Like all babies, it got a name and was developing to be better and better over the years. Getting new features, better materials and, yes, even lots of siblings 🙂

Today you can choose from a long list of FLIPs. They are available for more than 60 car models. We are constantly adding new options, improving the basic idea and adding complementary products that we carefully choose and test before we offer them to our precious clients. This year, 2021, we will really have a lot to show!

Stay safe! We will be travelling soon again!!


P.S.: I’ll be happy if you send me some feedback or tell me about your own ‘sleeping in a car’ experiences or just simply say Hi!

P.P.S.: Yes, you guessed it. Here comes a quote again 🙂 “Stop thinking and just let things happen!”