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1 concept // 60 different cars

FLIP Camping Box has been designed to be a quick plug and play camping solution for your everyday car. No need for expensive and cumbersome large RVs, the car you already have can be transformed in a campervan in just 5 minutes.

We precisely design and develop every FLIP for every specific car model. This way we can achieve the maximum volume for storage and the maximum bed size possible.
Whatever the size, the concept is always the same – comfortably sleep, cook and store all your travelling gear!

Easy to Handle

FLIP Camping Box is made of 2 separate boxes with handles, so it can be easily moved in and out of the vehicle by a single person. The bed is made of separate cushions as well so they are easy to move around the car when needed.


Weight depends on the size and special features of the FLIP model but generally ranges somewhere between 15-25 kg per box (30-50kg in total). Cushions weigh around 5-7 kg per piece (12-15 kg in total).

Safe and Secure

FLIP is designed to be fitted behind the rear seats and fits tightly between the two sides of the car boot and does not move while driving. In case you remove rear seats from the vehicle your FLIP should be anchored to existing anchoring points in the vehicle with certified straps.

Legal without any approval

FLIP Camping Box is installed or better said secured in a vehicle like any other luggage should be and it does not interfere with the vehicle and does not change it in any way.
No special permission or approval is needed for legal use in Europe.

Lots of Storage Space

There is enough space in FLIP drawers to store food and cooking utensils. Other personal items are usually stored under the bed (the rear seats can be taken out of the vehicle to gain more space) or in other storage spaces of the car (door pockets).
An optional rooftop cargo box is useful for larger pieces of luggage (camping table and chairs, inflatable SUP or kayak).

Power Efficient Utilities

The integrated submersible pump for running water connects to your car’s 12v socket and only uses minimal power, so you never have to worry about running out of battery.
Optional Dometic TCX coolbox or CDF compressor coolbox can also be plugged in to your car while driving or to an external battery or power supply while stopped for a longer time.

Quality Materials

We only use the best materials in our products, from wood and aluminium parts, to cushions, glues and tools. We only work with trusted suppliers from Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Hand Made in Slovenia

All FLIP products are proudly designed and made in Slovenia by skilled craftsmen. We are a small family-owned business with over 25 years of experience with building custom camper vans.

Fast Delivery

Even in these unpredictable times where the availability of materials and products is severly limited due to Covid-19, we can still achieve very short delivery times. We keep most FLIPs in stock, so they can be picked up in our workshop or delivered to you in a week or two. If not, it usually takes us 2 weeks to custom build a FLIP for you.

Customer Service

We try really hard to make each and every customer happy. From any potential questions or custom wishes to the ordering process, delivery or any warranty issues, we always try to find a quick and friendly solution. 🙂