Frequently Asked Questions

Should a vehicle with FLIP additionally be approved?
No, FLIP is installed or better said secured in a vehicle like any other luggage should be. It does not interfere with the vehicle and does not change it in any way.

Which vehicles are compatible with FLIP?
We have developed and designed FLIP to fully match into over 60 different cars. You can check to see if it fits into yours here.

How big, comfy and durable is the bed?
Extractable bed that is made of anodized lightweight but strong aluminum profiles and crosses for extra strength is fully adjusted to the maximum width and length of your car.
Comfortable cushions are made of breathable foam with durable covers and embedded wooden panels for perfect stability.
Recommended load for the bed is not to exceed 250 kilograms. 1 kilogram is 2,20462 pounds.

How is FLIP mounted in the vehicle?
The FLIP is designed to be located behind the rear seats (in most cars; depending on the model) and fits tightly between the two sides of the car boot and does not move while driving. In case you remove rear seats from the vehicle your FLIP should be anchored to existing anchoring points in the vehicle with certified straps.

Where should I store my luggage, since FLIP occupies the entire trunk?
There is enough space in the FLIP itself to store cooking utensils – containers, cutlery, food, spices, etc. Personal items (clothing, cosmetics, etc.) are stored in the rest of the vehicle (most often under the bed – you can take rear seats out of the vehicle to gain more space). A rooftop cargo carrier, which could also be practical for personal luggage, has proved to be the most useful for larger pieces of luggage (camping table, chairs, inflatable SUP…).

How heavy is FLIP? Can I put it in a car on my own?
Of course, innovative plug&play design is its main advantage. Namely, it consists of two modules, which you place individually in the vehicle. In addition, you can also take drawers from the modules, making it easier to carry FLIP around. In each wooden module we also incorporated convenient recesses for easier handling.
A weight depends on the FLIP model. The weight of wooden crates, along with the technique, the drawers and the mechanism for the bed, ranges somewhere between 30 and 50 kilograms per set (i.e. 15-25 kilograms per element). Cushions weigh around 10-15 kilograms.
1 kilogram is 2,20462 pounds.

Where is FLIP made?

FLIP is proudly designed and made in Slovenia. All the materials being used are either from local suppliers in Slovenia or from the trusted suppliers from the EU member states. 

Will I drain a battery using a water pump?
The water pump has extremely low power consumption and with normal use does not drain the battery.

How long can I leave the cooling box attached to the 12V in the vehicle while the vehicle is standing? I don’t want to drain the battery.
This depends on the size and power of the cooling box, the capacity of your starter battery in the vehicle and the surrounding temperature. We recommend leaving it plugged in as little time as possible (when the vehicle’s motor is not on) as it can drain your battery in a few hours.
We recommend an additional portable battery.

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