How to put 186 pieces together?

With some screws, I guess. Easier said than done. 💪 Let me start at the beginning with the dilemma, that many of us faced when we first bought a bit bigger car and found out, that we could use it for something more than just as a mean of transport from point A to point […]

Camping checklist

Camping is a great way to get outside with your loved ones, family and friends or even by yourself. You can go camping, or shall we say boxcamping, almost anywhere. Even though you travel around by car, don’t carry stuff on your back and therefore everything is much easier, there are some things you need […]

LOVE nest

It does sound a bit like a fairytale, but let’s take a closer look. You have a little house on the wheels, travel with your partner, you can stop everywhere, can sleep almost everywhere and last but not least can make love anytime and everywhere. Let’s admit it. It is not entirely that simple. The […]

How it all started

Well, it started with a demand, of course and a hot coffee, 2 x of course. But let’s begin at the beginning 🙂 We started producing motorhomes in 1996. By ‘we’ I mean my dad and by ‘producing’ I mean he made one motorhome for us. He is a perfectionist and non of the existing […]

Why is camping box a good idea?

Because romantic camping is great, but nature and our mood (or laziness) do not always cooperate. I’ll be realistic here – camping box is not for everyone. For ‘hotel only’ people for sure not. And ‘I had a huge motorhome’ people also not. I call camping box a luxurious tent 🙂 It is very similar […]